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Unusual collectibles

Metropolis: an unusual collection of porcelain in the form of palaces, churches and skyscrapers

Start Your Collection of Original Cups

The most unusual museums

The Most Ridiculous Tourist Complaints


Top collections

The largest collections of a Barbie dolls

The most expensive vintage cars

The Top 10 Most Expensive Dresses

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes

Top 10 most expensive watches

14 millions for the Star of India!

The Biggest BMW Motorcycle Collection




Stamp Collecting

Famous Musicians and Philately

Philipp Ferrary - the King of Stamps



How to store your collection of coins


Scale Models

The Scale Models Collecting


Watches and Clocks

Breguet - the Royal Watchmaker



Phone Cards

Ships in the Bottles

Record Collecting

Antique Weapons

Collecting Toy soldiers

Selecting wines for your collection



The History of Collecting

Collectibles and gold

Make money out of collecting

A Word About Hobbies



The most cold museum of Istanbul

The Underwater Museum of Isla Mujeres

Virtual Museums

Essen: Art and Collecting instead of Manufacturing

The biggest amber collections in Lithuania

Wax Figures Collection of Madame Tussauds



Software for collectors

Stamp collecting software

Watch collecting software

Book collecting software

Book inventory software

Comics organising application

Antique collecting software

Guns collecting software




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