Comic Book Collection software

Collecting comic books is one of the simplest yet good sources of enjoying your leisure time. But the biggest trouble most collectors have is to find the comic books that are worth collecting. And some do not know what to do with the books, even if they do get hold of the best books. There are many places where you could find the best comic books and many ways to trade them later on.

One of the best ways to find the comic books you are looking for is to attend a comic books convention. Here you will be able to meet many other collectors, get information from them, and you will be even able to trade some of your books with other collectors for better copies that you donot have in your collection.


LignUp provides great suite of software for collecting, organizing and managing software.

At this moment customers can test our universal collecting program. read more

Special version for Comic Book collecting is under development.


LignUp Universal Multi Collector Software



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