Antiques Collecting and Managing Software

Would you like to add more antique items to your collection? You will hardly be able to cope with the challenge if you are not able to organize your current collection in the correct way! Many useful features can contribute to your hobby and enhance your activity considerably if you use the right software for it. It is great to have a number of tools at hand in one program to operate the items of your collection. Why download many different software programs if you can use just one and get the same result? We developed just such a type of software with you in mind. Collecting and managing antiques with the right approach will bring you a lot of enjoyment!


Antiques Inventory Software


With LignUp Multi Collector you will be able to take photos of your rare items with a web camera without leaving the program. Do the received images require some editing? No problem. The image editing feature will take care of that. Crop the image or make some other adjustments with a couple of simple clicks, so that you are not distracted from your hobby. The expansive functionality of this product will be an immense help to you. Enter data into the database, attach the found information to the image, and organize the whole exhibition or showcase that can be demonstrated to any person who is interested in the subject. Do you see the advantages of using the program? You can considerably expand the number of people who will look at the antiques you have collected. You also expand your possibilities, increase the volume of your collection, and share with like-minded collectors.


Antiques Organizing Software


Your hobby becomes more interesting in this way, because the treasures of the past you have gathered become available for people from all over the world. Every piece has its own ancient story. It tells the history to us, and you can share this history with all those who are fascinated with it.


Antiques Inventory for Mac and Windows Application


If you have fabulous antique items, the correct arrangement will make your collection perfect. If you collect antiques as a part of your business, then this software is irreplaceable for you. Features embedded into the program make your collections of antiques more harmonious. The creation of a HTML gallery or exporting a database to other formats makes it convenient for people who display their collectibles on a website.

You will find LignUp Multi Collector useful for not only  antique items, but for any collectibles. Use it, and enjoy your favorite pastime!


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