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LignUp Support

Starting from Feb 2023.

Our team is located in Ukraine, due to war and Russian aggression, we regret to inform you, that we are no longer able to support Stamp Search product. This product requires running powerful costly servers, cost of these servers is not covered by users and we are no longer able to support them.

Starting from Feb 2023 Stamp Search service will be disabled. Other services and software will be fully functional!

Those who wish to refund recently purchased Stamp Search software, please contact us by support email. Support is currently available 1 day per week.

Thank you for understanding, and with best regards, LignUp Team.

For any inquiries, questions, suggestions or requests, please, send us an email to lignup.common@gmail.com

Our customer support service will contact you promptly as soon as possible. Please note: we receive incoming messages from many parts of the world. There may be a possible delay in our response because of the various time zones.

If you don't get reply to your request within 1 week please check your mail settings and spam filters.

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