LignUp Stamp Search Manual

1. Getting Started - Installation

1.1. Download latest version for Mac or Windows here.

1.2. Execute downloaded file, follow on screen instructions for installation.

1.3. Start Application

- Windows: Use 'LignUp Stamp Search' desktop icon. Or run it from Windows Start menu.

- Mac: Start it from Application menu

1.4. Accept End User License Agreement.

1.5. Choose one of available languages. Click 'Ok'.


Stamp Search Installation


2. Registration

In the Free mode, application use limited database of US stamps (>20.000 stamps). It can properly search only US stamps. To use world wide database of >0.6 Millions worldwide stamps - register your application using following instruction.

2.1. Click on 'Register' (or use Help -> Registration).

2.2. Copy & paste your serial number without any leading, trailing or middle spaces.

2.3. Click on 'Ok'.


LignUp Registration


3. Open stamp image for searching

Open your image from file or just capture it by webcam

Attention! Stamp should be rectangular and properly oriented - avoid rotation and perspective transformations!


Open existing image file - PNG, JPEG, TIFF or BMP


Open source image

Click on 'Open', choose image file


Capture stamp photo from your web camera


Web Camera Stamp Capture

Click on 'Web Cam', focus on stamp

Click 'Apply' to finish


4. Mark stamp by it's perforation


Mark stamp by perforation


5. Click on 'Search' button

Wait for serach progress completion. This can take several minutes.


Stamp identification software



6. Browse available results

Click on the preview icons on the left side of application. Get information about stamp in the embedded web browser.


Stamp valuation



7. Additional information

Stamp search doesn't require to have hi-resolution source photos to find stamps. Hires scans/photos will be automatically downsampled by SS application.

Most important is to eliminate any geometrical deformation and properly select stamp by its perforation.





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