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Additional Infortmation


Database tips

Setting default fields values

A. Open 'Default values' dialog using menu command Tools->Default Values

B. Set only fields, you wish to have with preset values.

C. Press 'Ok'.


Addiing external files - PDF, videos, audio, manual, etc.

Multi Collector allows to add references (links) for external files stored on local storage. Simply drag & drop your files into 'Text' field.

Warning. DB doesn't store files, only links to your files!



Synchronizing between many computers

The easiest way to synchronize your data between various computers running Mac and Windows is to setup Dropbox.

Install Dropbox on all computers, create your Dropbox account.

Move your database into Dropbox, or create symlink for your database location using 3rd party apps.


Moving Database

Database is a set of file with .MC extension and folder with same name. Folder contains database images and reports.

To move database, symply copy your files to another computer. Use 'Add Existing' button in the Database Manager to add DB.




Attention! Manual is being updated all the time. We are adding new information and tutorials according to customers responses and requests.


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