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LignUp Software

Smart software makes your life easier; it allows you to spend less time and energy doing dull, routine tasks and leaving you more time for creative work and self-realization. The LignUp software turns toil into pleasure and simplifies your work that is why we call it extraordinary.

Experiment with the LignUp products and you'll feel that this smart software greatly improves the productivity of inspired people.

Try these fresh solutions and their new features:

MultiCollector is a Universal solution for any collectibles.

Stamp Identification software that will help you with identification and valuation process.


All of our programs for 2 computers. Get our software with a discount!

Forget about incompatibility

While thousands of developers waste time arguing about the benefits and shortcomings of the various operating systems, we create software that is perfectly compatible with the most popular platforms. You can use most of the LignUp products under Windows (32/64 bit) and Mac OS. In addition there are solutions for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android OS.

Avail of the creative people experience and supplement it by your own opinion

Programs Created by Experienced People - Perfected by You

LignUp software improves its usability, function, and features with each new release. We look for new ideas in order to improve our products for our customers. We want our programs to meet your needs and work perfectly for you. To make our products fit your specialized needs, we take your suggestions and use them to fine-tune our products to create powerful programs that are both versatile and user friendly.

We appreciate and value your experience. We carefully consider your opinions and do our best (and even more) to comply with your requests. If our software lacks an important, special function you desire, just contact us. We'll try to find a proper solution and implement it in future releases.


Starting from Feb 2023.

Our team is located in Ukraine, due to war and Russian aggression, we regret to inform you, that we are no longer able to support Stamp Search product. This product requires running powerful costly servers, cost of these servers is not covered by users and we are no longer able to support them.

Starting from Feb 2023 Stamp Search service will be disabled. Other services and software will be fully functional!

Those who wish to refund recently purchased Stamp Search software, please contact us by support email. Support is currently available 1 day per week.

Thank you for understanding, and with best regards, LignUp Team.


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