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Bundles and Premium Solutions

All in 1 Ultimate License

Bulk VIP license in 1 Ultimate Pack

9X Value (3x3years Utlimate pack) + priority support by messenger and your customs template creation!

Save on purchase: 1VIP = 3x3xUltimate + VIP services.

Pricing: $449.95 $149.95

All in 1 Ultimate License

All in 1 Ultimate Pack
for Mac and Windows

One license for all collecting programs. (Doesn't include iOS/Android apps)

Save money on a Pack of All Apps for 2 computers.

Pricing: $79.95 $49.95


Multi Collector

Software for collectors
Multi Collector 6/7
for Mac and Windows

Universal solution for any collectibles and inventory.


Pricing: Free / $49.95
Pricing: Free / $39.95 





Stamps Collecting

Stamps collecting program
Stamps Multi Collector
for Mac and Windows

Magical solution for organizing stamps.

Pricing: Free / $49.95
Pricing: Free / $29.95


Stamp SearchStamp Search 4
for Mac and Windows

Stamp Identification software

Pricing: $29.95
Pricing: $19.95







For Mobile Devices - Android and iOS

Software for collectors 
Multi Collector Mobile







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