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Software for collectors
Multi Collector 6
for Mac and Windows

Universal solution for any collectibles and inventory.


Pricing: Free / $29.95 / $49.95
Pricing: Free / $29.95 / $39.95 

Book inventory software

Books Multi Collector
for Mac and Windows

Use your WebCam to scan ISBN barcodes for managing your collection





Stamps Collecting


Stamps collecting program
Stamps Multi Collector
for Mac and Windows

Magical solution for organizing stamps.

Pricing: Free / $49.95
Pricing: Free / $29.95


Stamp SearchStamp Search 4
for Mac and Windows

Stamp Identification software

Pricing: $29.95
Pricing: $19.95





Bundles and Premium Solutions

All in 1 Ultimate License

All in 1 Ultimate Pack
for Mac and Windows

One license for all collecting programs. (Doesn't include iOS/Android apps)

Save money on a Pack of All Apps for 2 computers.

Pricing: $79.95 $49.95

All in 1 Ultimate License

Bulk VIP license in 1 Ultimate Pack

Package of all programs for 6 computers + VIP support & features requests & more...

Save on purchase: 1VIP = 3xUltimate license + VIP services. Save 20% on this bulk order!

Pricing: $199.95 $149.95




For Mobile Devices - Android and iOS

Software for collectors 
New! Multi Collector Mobile
for Android

MultiCollector Mobile is an Universal solution for any collectibles.







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