LignUp Multi Collector Changes Log
LignUp MultiCollector 6.2.X, Mar 2019

- Date clear to '-/-/-' fuctionality;

- Database auto restore and extended restore functionality;

- Fixed Web Search;

- Fixed and improved Colnect import & sync API;

- Latest OS compatibility improvements;

- Dropbox Sync improvements and bug fixes;

- Various crash fixes;

- Minor UI improvements;

- Bug fixes.






LignUp MultiCollector 6.1.X, Sep 2017

- Move erased images to trash, Trash clean functionality;

- Fixed export to CSV (visible items mode);

- Fixed DB opening by click;

- Fixed Colnect import & sync API;

- Bug fixes.






LignUp MultiCollector 6.0.X, Aug 2017

- New modern, cross-platform User Interface. Designed for High DPI modes and Retina displays support;

- Ability to create big pages in template editor;

- Ability to scroll and use big item pages;

- Improved Database manager with additional information and functionality;

- Dropbox API v.2;

- HTML tags auto conversion;

- User interface improvements;

- Universal installer;

- Additional key shortcuts - Ctrl+N (new item), Shift + Ctrl+N (Add from Web), Alt+Ctrl+N (Copy)

- Bug fixes






LignUp MultiCollector 5.15.17 - 5.15.X, Feb 2017

- Based on new Core libraries;

-- High DPI mode support with automatic scaling in Windows 8.1/10;

-- Improved compatibility with latest Mac OS versions;

- Improved date editor;

- String formulas;

- Formula re-calculation “on the fly”;

- CSV Import for Windows fix;

- Automatic items creation on image drag & drop into database;

- Simplified searching for accent/umlaut symbols;

- User interface improvements;

- Bug fixes.

LignUp MultiCollector 5.14.5

- Improved MacOS Retina rendering;

- Improved Dropbox API - Free space and Dabase Size;

- Database size in DB Manager;

- Images preview proportion fix;

- Safe image resize in DB Settings;

- Bugs fixes.

LignUp MultiCollector 5.13.9

- Ability to set preview style blocks sizes and colors;

- New additional styles;

- Ability to replace strings;

- Improved statistic calculation;

- Improved parsers;

- Improved Dropbox API;

- Bugs fix.



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