LignUp Multi Collector - Frequently asked questions

Q. How to update software ?

A. Mac. Download and overwrite application.

A. Windows. Download and re-install software.


Q. I bought your software. This is a CD or Download?

A. This is electronic download. Only for VIP version we are sending bonus CD.


Q. Where do I download software?

A. Go to software page, click on big Download button, choose your version and platform, and proceed with download and installation.


Q. Where is my serial number?

A. Your serial number is immediately shown at the payment confirmation page. Copy of serial number (license code) is available in the payment receipt. It can take some time for receipt to arrive to your email. Many emails contain spam filters, blocking emails with receipt. In this case you can contact our support stuff by email or using facebook message to get your serial number.


Q. Where is my data default location ?

A. Mac & Windows. All data is saved in your Documents (or My Documents) folder.

A. Multi Collector from App Store. In a user selected location.


Q. Why on Mac App Store older version then on site?

A. Mac App Store submission queue can be big. It can take 3-4 weeks to update. MAS is not designed to have recent updates every week. Wait some time and Apple team will review and update it on Mac App Store.


Q. Why not all version of our software is available on Mac App Store.

A. MAS doesn't allow to include bonus as addon license, bundle or regular updates we are providing for our customers. Only Standard version for Mac available on the App Store.




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