LignUp MultiCollector 3.5.3

- Advanced Report editor user interface improvements:

- Blocks for page;

- Multi pages templates;

- Blocks and pages properties;

- Editor updates & improvements;

- Bring to Front & Back;

- New fields list widget;

- Pages & blocks list widget & sequence editor;

- New font dialog;

- Full products line (Free, Standard, PRO, Ultimate and VIP), new application naming;

- Free version of Multi Collector (suitable as free DB viewer on any PC);

- New hi-res icon for MacOS 10.8;

- App Store sandboxing security scoped bookmarks, allowing to save DB in any location. (Required Mac OS 10.7.3 and later);

- Resizable item editor dialog & web browser;

- Tooltips;

- Out of screen bug fix;

- Application version info in about dialog;

- Support emails with title and version info.




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