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Collecting spoons has been a popular hobby for many people since the late 1850s. Souvenir spoons grew out of the birth of leisure tourism in Europe around the 18 century. The first spoons produced in the US were products of well-traveled silversmiths.

Today it is once again a popular and prestige hobby. Hundreds of spoons change hands at auctions around the world.

Collecting spoons was traditionally a popular hobby and has a deep history. Whether it is collecting spoons from different countries, wood spoons, and silver spoons - you can find a worthwhile hobby.

The spoon collecting is a great hobby and it not only helps the individual to gain pleasure from the collection, but the person will also be able to exhibit it and get laurels.

This powerful spoon collecting software allows enjoying your collection by managing, categorising, watching for your collection statistic and printing various reports and labels for items.


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