Painting Template for MultiCollector


So you've got some extra cash or a yearly bonus.  It's time to start the painting art collection you've always dreamed of!


In order to collect painting art intelligently, you have to master two basic skills.

- Being able to effectively research, evaluate and buy any single work of painting art that attracts you.

- Being able to choose each work in such a way as to form a meaningful grouping.


Learning about various schools and styles is a good start, but training your eyes to look out for details can be as important when it comes to acquiring an artwork. Look and look again, whether with the naked eyes or with the aid of a tools, there is always a new detail to discover in a painting art.


You can find painting art you like in any places and in an incredible variety of subject matters, mediums and price ranges. How do you organize or group your art together? - The answer is the painting inventory software, like Multi Collector, that is able to manage your collection, generate custom statistic, and provide various printed reports.



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