Erasers Template for MultiCollector


Collecting Erasers is a popular hobby. The core idea of any collection is variety, not quantity.

How to Start an Eraser Collection:

1. Find erasers.
2. Never use your erasers.
3. Immediately add it to your erasers inventory application.
4. Keep them in a divided box and shelves.
5. Show your friends your collection.
6. Make sure to collect many different brands and types.
7. Remember that erasers are fun and inexpensive!

It is really difficult to remember all the erasers in your collection and to avoid duplicates. And it is almost impossible to have statistic for your collection without usage of eraser collecting software.

With usage of this eraser collecting application you'll not have to recount your erasers and even know how much money was spend to purchase your collection! This software is available for MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS - it is very powerful and easy to use!


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