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coin softwareAre you someone who is looking for a professional way of cataloging coins and making sure that you are going to be able to get what you need, when you need it?

Do you want to get ultimate fun from your hobby?

The truth is: If you choose the right coin collecting software, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Yes!

If you love to collect coins, then this software is for you! This amazing coin collecting software will help manage your collection, creating a catalogue of your coins on your Mac or Windows PC. Gone are the days of paper, pencil, and ledgers recording! Now, with just a click of a mouse you can access not only the specifics of our coins but the history of the series as well.


coins inventory softwareNow you will always be aware of the status of any coin in your collection without any kind of paperwork. It is now only a matter of launching this coin collecting software and enjoying the process of collecting.

With the manic pace that life sometimes has, it’s a great way to temporarily get off the speeding bus we call life, and just enjoy some peace and quiet in studying your craft.




coins collecting softwareMulti Collector will provide you with a lot of functionality:

  • Manage your coin and paper money collections.
  • Choose your view, styles, data fields positions, and widgets locations.
  • Subdivide collections into different groups.
  • Filter the coins by any type of informational characteristic and a multi-level sorting function.
  • Prepare your own statistics for collection.
  • coin collecting softwareGenerate and use reports.
  • Use it on Mac OS and Windows.
  • Use the free version for viewing on any computer.
  • Organize any additional collectibles as well.
  • And much more!


coins inventory applicationThis amazing coin collecting software allows you to analyze and organize your coin investments with an easy-to-use and powerful personal Coin Collecting Database. You can easily maintain detailed data for all of your coins in this powerful software, analyze your coin info to optimize your coin portfolio purchases, and maximize value and more.



Do not wait anymore! Start right now!

paper money collecting softwareWe believe that collecting coins can fill a lifetime with interest and inspiration. What starts as a pastime can easily become an absorbing pursuit - indeed, a passion.

Download Free version - meet the interface and evaluate its ergonomic design!














William Pennington


I am enjoying and getting real satisfaction by adding all my coins one by one. This is my favorite engagement over the weekend.


John Mitchell


This is a great tool! It helps me to create reports and colorful catalogues of my coins. I've printed it in a studio and am able to surprise anyone by my thematic coin reports.


Kimberly Rubio


I've been using the program more intensively and have enjoyed very satisfying results. The friendly, easy-to-use features are many, and each time I discover a new one it makes me happier again.

Errol Fry


After using Multi Collector for over a year now, I find it the best and most powerful organizing application around.




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