Multi Collector Registration


A paid version of Multi Collector requires registration. You need to have the serial number (Registration code) to register the program.

Use pricing section to buy MultiCollector license.


After purchase confirmation, your serial number is available immediately in the purchase confirmation web page.

A copy of the serial number (Registration code) is also available in the confirmation receipt and in the email from LignUp.

The serial number looks like six groups of four symbols. Example:


To register, use the ‘Help’ menu and click on 'Register'.

Enter your serial number (copy & paste it from your email without any leading/trailing spaces) and click on 'Ok'.


Important!Your Internet connection should be active and your firewall/antivirus should allow Internet connection for Multi Collector.


Note. Lost your serial number ? Contact the support team.

Note. You don't need to uninstall the trial or free version before entering your serial number. Your database will be preserved and you can continue to work, exactly where you left off.




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