Web search

main screen


1 - Change view of main screen - List / Cards

2 - Delete current (selected) items.

3 - Add new item

4 - Web search

5 - Search items in collection

6 - Additional Actions, Settings


Tap "Button 4" to open Web Search

Web search

You can add item description and images from Web catalogs.

4.1 - Field to search by Title

4.2 - Field to search by Code

Also you can search item by one of these fields or search by both fields. For example search items by Title "Toronto", next search by Code "003", or by Title "Toronto" and Code "003".

search by title search by code search by title and code


Tap on the item to download its information. After completion you'll see item information. Tap button "Done" to save this item to your collection.

downloading item info arrow right item info

4.3 - Tap "Button 4.3" to open settings. For example, field "Year" will not synchronize, fields "Description" and "Country" will synchronize to matching fields.

parse settings


4.4 - Tap to open settings of searching source

settings of searching source


"Get info from:" - source of DB (Default Colnect. Available: Colnect, Amazon)

"Search index:" - index for searching on colnect.com (Default your chosen template; Example Token)

"Localization" - Colnect collection language



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