Program menu

main screen


1 - Change view of main screen - List / Cards

2 - Delete current (selected) items.

3 - Add new item

4 - Web search

5 - Search items in collection

6 - Additional Actions, Settings


Tap "Button 6" to open menu. Available list of actions:

list of actions list of actions


  1. Open
  2. Open collection in DatabaseManager. If changes have been made, you got a massage with proposal to save changes.

    save changes


  3. Save
  4. You can save changes in any moment.


  5. Add from Web
  6. Open Web Search.


  7. Cards
  8. You can change cards layout available in your current template. For example change view of cards to default.

    view of cards view of cards default


  9. Statistic
  10. You can view statistic. Scale the content using two fingers.

    statistic arrow right scale statistic


  11. Send to Dropbox
  12. You can send your collection to your Dropbox folder. Tap button "Yes" to confirm synchronization with your account.

    confirm synchronization with your account


    Upon download completion you'll got a massage "Synchronization successful"

    uploading current database arrow right Synchronization successful


    You can view all your downloaded collection on Dropbox on any other devices, for example, on PC or mobile phone.

    database list on PC database list on mobile device


    You need to log in Dropbox through Multicollector and allow access of application to your dropbox account. After that automatically would be created folder in your dropbox account with name MultiCollector. All collection will use this folder for data exchange.

    Be sure to have enough space in your dropbox account for DB upload.


  13. Dropbox Import
  14. Open Dropbox Collection Manager to import your collection from Dropbox to the application.


  15. Sync with Colnect
  16. You can synchronize collection with Colnect account. Items, not present in your Colnect account will be erased in MultiCollector DB. Missed items will be downloaded from Colnect collection.

    Tap button "Yes" to confirm this process.

    confirm synchronization


  17. Import from Colnect
  18. You can import items from another Colnect account without erase your own items. Use "Import from Colnect" from application menu, enter account login and download items. Also you can download items from "Wish List"


  19. Settings
  20. program settings


    "Auto Save Timeout" - Change a time to autosave your changes (Default 1 min. Also you can switch off autosave, change to "AutoSave OFF")

    "Language" - Change language (Default English)

    "Restore Purchase" - Restore your purchase from other device

    Tap button "Done" to save settings.


  21. Buy
  22. Tap point "Buy" to buy full application version from store


  23. About
  24. Tap point "About" to view information about application. For example

    application version




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