Colnect Import

Use button "+" -> Colnect Import to import your DB from

select colnect import


You can browse online templates, choose your template.

online templates arrow right loading template


Next step you need enter DB properties:

DB properties


1 "File Name" - Name of folder for new collection (Example - mycollection4). Do not use spaces or special characters.

2 "Location" - Choose location for new collection (Default /sdcard/LignUp Multi Collector Docs/)

3 "Title" - Database name (Example - Bottle Caps).


Next - tap button Create:

import settings


1 "Colnect login" - login of colnect account (Example - iflvico)

2 "Get info from:" - source of DB (Default - Colnect)

3 "Search index:" - index for searching on (Example - Bottle Caps, Coins, Stamps)

4 "Localization" - Language

5 "Import wish list" - you can choose to import from colnect items from wish list (Default - collection)

6 "Settings" - you can select fields you want to import


For example field Year will not import to your DB, field Title will be imported to your DB:

import settings


Now tap button Start to start import items from Colnect to your DB. Upon completion of import you’ll get message "Synchronization was successful". Tap button OK to open your DB.

sync with colnect arrow right successful Synchronization


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